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October 16th, 2012

@tofias Overall, I was very impressed with the Apple TV (WSJ Live). Good video quality, and the audio stayed in sync (unlike last time).

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My Apple TV stuck at the spinner at start of debate; YouTube on the Mac worked for 2 minutes and then froze; Apple TV worked for remainder.

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@optshiftk Have you observed that it’s still slow?

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@mhenders I’m not seeing it myself, but it’s reproducible for a customer. (Interestingly, it only affects one IMAP account, not iCloud one.)

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Anyone seen a bug where iOS 5 on an iPad marks e-mails as read on the server, even though the user hasn’t tapped on them?

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@jessegrosjean @ianbeck Cool. I’d been meaning to check it out but didn’t have a chance during the prerelease period.

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@ianbeck Yeah, FoldingText looks interesting, but no demo.

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@nriley @rentzsch Isn’t it better for Apple to handle the security fixes? (Rather than waiting for everyone one of your apps to be updated…)

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