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October 9th, 2012

@AngryDingo Hmm, after a reboot it seems to work. Before I was getting:

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@alxknt @andymatthews No drawing glitches when scrolling? Pages that don’t display properly unit you quit/relaunch? Gigabytes of RAM use?

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@AngryDingo I tried making the folder in my Downloads folder.

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Weird Aperture 3.4.1 sandboxing(?) bug: can’t create new folders from within Export dialog. (“This location is read-only”.)

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@TomEck I’d like to, but MailMate isn’t sufficiently AppleScriptable.

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@TomEck I was a big fan of iCab in the pre-WebKit days. Maybe it’s time for another look.

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@simX I still prefer Safari, too, just frustrated that it’s gotten worse.

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@stormchild That seems worth a try. Thanks! (Enable Debug menu via “defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1”.)

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Safari 6’s buggy and a resource hog; Chrome 22 doesn’t feel like a Mac app; Firefox 16 doesn’t either and still missing AppleScript support.

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Wishing @HibariApp supported Tweet Marker and Load More Tweets.

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My dad hadn't synced his iPhone since September. He's on Wi-Fi syncing but turned off Wi-Fi since (he thinks) it drains his battery.

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