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October 1st, 2012

I wonder how much The Deck’s CPM is affected by its link coming up first when I Google for BBEdit. (Bing finds the normal product page.)

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@simX NSWorkspace is not documented as being threadsafe, so I have lots of Launch Services wrapper methods. :-(

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@markbaumann Exactly I already share my printer through an AirPort Express.

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Thanks to everyone who suggested PDF converter apps.

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@nathangaber Interesting. Not a PDF printer, but a multi-purpose viewer that can create PDFs?

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@nathangaber Yeah. I’ve actually been using screenshots. But it’s silly to make a bitmap of just a portion of the view that I want to save.

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@mattgrayson Glad it’s working for you. Seems like my printer should work via the AirPort Express, though. (Plus want remote PDF-printing.)

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“we received a call from Apple Developer Relations telling us that we are not allowed to use AirPrint as a way to print documents to PDF” :(

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@christian_beer That sounds like just want I need. Got the name? I found a few apps to do that, but Apple removed them from the App Store…

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Printopia seems cool, but it requires my Mac, right? I’m more interested in printing (or printing to PDF) from iOS when I’m away from home.

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@jsnell I love my e-ink Kindle. Aside from what you’ve mentioned, my main complaint is that it feels slow.

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I’ve yet to find a printer that works with AirPrint. Why can’t iOS just print to a PDF file and e-mail it to me?

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