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September 3rd, 2012

@fetchguy To regular (served by DreamHost). Really seems to help. Previously was using plain /usr/sbin/sendmail.

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@grynspan Yeah, the issue for me was that it worked on my Mac (command-line tools installed) but not for customers:

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Starting on 10.8, “codesign -f -s -“ says "object file format is unsuitable" unless codesign_allocate (from is in the PATH.

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Adjusted server code to use authenticated SMTP. This should make it more likely that order confirmations and SN lookup e-mails get through.

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@nriley Thanks, but that doesn’t actually let you search by app. Also, weird installer package that puts .app into /Applications/Utilities.

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The Keyboard pref pane doesn't show the complete Services titles.

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Seems like an interface failure that LaunchBar-grepping an application's Info.plist file is the quickest way to see its list of services.

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