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July 31st, 2012

@_toddmc And, secondly, it looks weird to have different types of smoothing in different apps.

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@_toddmc Mainly, I dislike LCD font smoothing. I see all the colored pixels, which is distracting and makes the text look “busy.”

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@tom__ I don’t think it’s switching because I’ve been consistently using dual displays.

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spamsieve Pleased to report that Apple Mail can filter messages using SpamSieve during a Power Nap (requires 10.8 Mountain Lion and a supported Mac).

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And now Mail is back to using LCD font smoothing, without any settings changed. So strange.

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@stormchild Yeah, I want to set the default. I’d assigned a keyboard shortcut in Lion.

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Congratulations to Alan Guth. I’m not a good enough physicist to say much about his research, but he’s an excellent and dedicated teacher.

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