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July 2nd, 2012

I suppose I could, but the help includes the release notes, which change quite often.

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@c_had Yeah, I’m pleasantly surprised. And it’s actually about 7s faster since I remembered to pause Arq. Hope this Mac lasts for a while…

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Time to build on 2010 MacBook Pro (2.8 DC i7, SSD): 4m26s; on Retina MBP (2.6 QC i7): 2m9s. About 30s of that was in hiutil.

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@wilshipley Yeah, I do this copy/paste dance to re-order them, and sometimes Mail still likes to pick the ones with my Old label.

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Discovered a bug in a non-sandboxable app. So I guess it’s time to create a new branch for the MAS from before I added these features.

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@fetchguy @dnanian @ccgus I like the Newer Technology Voyager S3 except that sometimes it spontaneously unmounts the drive.

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@dnanian @ccgus What’s crazy is that USB 3 is so much faster *even for slow drives*.

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@ccgus First gotta see how long it takes to migrate over USB 3. According to the estimate, it will be 1/4 the time of the USB 2 migration.

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Retina MBP first impressions: much lighter, screen is very sharp but still quite glossy, initial migrator doesn’t accept encrypted disks.

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No paid podcasts that I know of. Yet the Podcasts app shows my iTunes account balance. And it’s not even the correct number. Odd.

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I thought for sure there’s be a way to subscribe to a Glassboard in NetNewsWire…

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@gaige You’re welcome. Good luck with the app.

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