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December 2011

@IT_Ing Some SMS messages that I've sent were received hours or days late. Heard of others that were not received at all.

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Experimenting with the NBA League Pass free trial on Apple TV. Very poor "720p" picture quality. Many games not yet available.

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@wooliegeek I keep every mail client installed for testing purposes.

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@siegel Thanks for that info. Best to just let it finish?

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Nothing keeps the fan going like [Assigning new unique identifiers to all messages]

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Anyone traded in an old iPhone via Amazon? Good experience?

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@annekate Seriously? I've seen probably hundreds of those banners, and 100% of them have been dudes.

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@petermaurer That's certainly a red flag, although I hope the project doesn't get abandoned.

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The New Yorker for Kindle doubling in price, but will include access to other platforms. Paper seems cheapest now.

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@ccgus A bit late, but congrats nonetheless!

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@wbyoung It seems way more dangerous than a lot of the things that are forbidden.

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@nriley Yeah, it was meant as a reply to @RogueAmoeba.

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Glad to hear that. Although this makes the sandboxing intentions/rules even more confusing.

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eaglefiler EagleFiler 1.5.7 improves support for Growl, Instapaper, Apple Mail, OmniGraffle, Outlook. Plus adds more polish.

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Piezo looks cool. And should be interesting to see how sandboxing affects it. I'd buy direct from @RogueAmoeba.

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@grynspan Yeah. Then the next question is why the CyberPower is 1/4 the price of APC. There's got to be a catch.

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@grynspan But I figure it must be more complicated than that or I would have seen way more written about this problem before.

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@grynspan What I've read (esp. for Dell XPS but also Macs) is that certain power supplies will instantly shut off with approx sine.

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@grynspan I've seen mixed reports saying that newer iMacs, Mac Pros, and Mac minis don't work properly with approximated sine wave power.

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Wondering what the truth is regarding pure sine wave UPSs and Macs.

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