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May 2011

@jsnell Don't want to dump TM, but if I can't get it to work I may not have a choice. I would think Lion versioning would *lessen* the need.

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@jsnell Might have been a good opportunity to add support for paid upgrades…

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Seriously thinking about dropping Time Machine in favor of CrashPlan and increased SuperDupering.

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Now Time Machine is giving me the -50 error using a different drive, freshly erased, in a different enclosure.

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Got the dreaded Time Machine "Error: (-50) Creating directory Backups.backupdb", even after just erasing the whole drive.

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@jtamboli Yeah, I was trying to avoid doing that because I've built up so many good corrections over the years…

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@irons Well, good to know that that would supposedly work. I feel like I've made the same corrections way more than 5 times…

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@nriley I wish there were a way to go in and edit the dictionary. I made some mistakes, and now it keeps auto-completing to incorrect words.

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@ianbeck How did they do it? I thought eInk was eInk, and Amazon indicated recently that it was going to be stagnant for a while.

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Mac App Store weirdness: one app update ready for sale but completely invisible in the store; the other's reviews only show in Safari.

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@leebennett That's a long time. Did you design your own certificate? :-)

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@stevenf Maybe I should give that a try. iTunes is not very good at picking up changes to projects/albums in Aperture.

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@leebennett How do you edit the photos non-destructively? Does Lightroom work with that system?

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Good to see that Shine will be fixing the star icon for settings and the horrible handling of location names:

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@leebennett And it wasn't linked using a guest pass?

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@adamengst I thought there was something wrong with my Mac when dragging out of the sidebar wasn't working.

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dropdmg DropDMG 3.0.7 is now available:

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@mhenders Keeping track of files archived to external hard drives and DVDs, and also the contents of clone backups.

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Updating CDFinder. Probably my second-longest-used app after BBEdit. (Photoshop is no longer installed.)

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First kernel panic in a long time: installing the Snow Leopard Font Update.

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@nriley The surprising thing is that it's much faster to transfer files up to Dropbox and back down than just locally over WiFi/WebDAV.

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Recently discovered that GoodReader supports Dropbox folder syncing. No more fiddly Bonjour WebDAV that only works right after rebooting.

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@petermaurer Yeah, I've never thought of using Acorn for photos, either. Got Aperture for that. Acorn's for screenshots and drawings.

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@ccgus Acorn's Tools palette is great—maybe my favorite feature. Not sure how he concludes that Photoshop Elements is "more streamlined."

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@AaronHillegass Probably rare. For me, I think that error has always been in situations with adjacent string literals.

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@AaronHillegass For strings, not using #define can prevent accidental compile-time concatenation.

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Read about Find Any File in Macworld and giving it a try. Nostalgic Copland-style results window. Doesn't show any results until done.

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@uliwitness Yep, you can always make a garbage string with MacRoman. :-)

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@pilky I've been doing days+launches for a long time; seems to work well. Problem with data trials: I want to see it handle all my data!

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Changing the SMTP port to the one that Mail actually uses fixed the iPhoto sending problem. Thanks, everyone.

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@_karsten_ I'm pretty sure the AppleScripts aren't used with the new theme layouts.

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@mikebradshaw Hmm. Mail is set to use ports 25, 465, and 587; iPhoto uses 587. I bet 465 is the right one…

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@CraicDesign I'll give that a try, thanks. Too bad that won't work with the templates, though.

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Mom's iPhoto '11 can't send mail, even though it has the same settings as Apple Mail. Oh well, can always drag to Mail's Dock icon.

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@Chealion @pilky @wilshipley I don't know—it's not the speed, but external drive systems seem to introduce an element of unreliability.

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@jsnell Yeah, video in is what I meant. So maybe with the right cable?

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@jsnell Would be great if you could figure out why they dropped support for older MacBook Pros. Thought Thunderbolt was backwards compatible

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@retrophisch Comcast has been doing that for a while now for me.

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@gittower Any keyboard shortcuts for picking repositories *within* the Dashboard?

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