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February 2011

@siegel Indeed. Although I suspect we'll see FireWire 800–style adoption and prices, at least for a while. eSATA is simpler…

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Aperture preinstalled is still $199.

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@marcoarment Re footnote 1, you would need to raise prices ~43% so that you end up where you started after Apple takes its 30%.

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@pilky SpamSieve has an API, so any Twitter clients are welcome to show it tweet text and ask whether it looks spammy.

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Need to modify to use /usr/bin/twdiff if you have the Mac App Store version.

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@pilky This is the important question.

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@bsneed Wasn't talking about that split. Just saying that 30% cut is equivalent to 43% price raise. Or, in your example, 21.5% raise.

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@bsneed BTW, to end up with the same amount after a 30% cut you'd have to raise prices 43%.

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@bsneed I don't understand what you're getting at. You want to raise prices less than the 30% so that the Apple customers are subsidized?

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@bsneed You're not allowed to just raise the price on those buying from the App Store.

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@bsneed Raise the price for all your non-Apple customers? How is "not do it" an option if you have an existing app/service?

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@bsneed To vote with your feet you would need to degrade the experience of your existing app. Then customers complain to you.

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@lallysingh Even if nothing needs fixing, it's almost impossible to help her do something if I can't see the screen and point at stuff.

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@simX Thanks. Are they using it in addition to or in place of a computer?

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Wondering whether an iPad would be good for my grandmother (easier to use, less to go wrong) or a problem (can't screenshare to fix it).

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@radiofreelunch @FogBugz It doesn't work for me either (Safari 5, Mac). In bug view, either clicks the link or selects Spam/Edit/Assign….

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@FogBugz Would be nice if there were keyboard shortcuts to jump to particular fields (e.g. Tags, Bcc).

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@leebennett Can't sell mine; still have PowerPC customers to support.

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This PowerBook G4 display looks dimmer every time I open it.

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@Aetles Is there a keyboard shortcut to show a conversation? Looks like I have to double click and then click the right arrow.

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@Aetles Hmm. Not sure why I thought that wasn't doing what I wanted, but it does seem to work now. Thanks.

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@retrophisch My tweet was referring to Twitter, not Twitterrific.

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@runsamok Indeed, I can unfavorite in Kiwi by clicking the star. Menu command and keyboard shortcut don't work, though.

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So the problem is that Echofon forgets which part of the window had focus when you hide/show. It always puts the cursor in the compose area.

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OK, it looks like Echofon does remember the current position if you Tab rather than Up-Arrow out of the compose field.

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@mhenders I was hoping I was missing something. That one little thing is driving me crazy.

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@leehinde I tried YoruFukurou. Good features. Nothing wrong with it, exactly, and I might adjust with time, but it just felt very odd to me.

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Really liking Echofon except that the triangle "current tweet" marker loses its position when I bring it to the front via the hotkey.

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@Aetles "Hide Seen" is a neat idea. But no in-window search in Nambu, it seems.

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@dnanian Cool. Glad to see Twitter has a search field, even if it's invisible.

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Was using a slightly old version of Hibari. Current version does support real names. Thanks to @dannystewart and apologies to @violasong.

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@mhenders @nriley Echofon is making a great first impression. Thanks for the recommendation.

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@petermaurer Did not know about that one. Thanks.

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@tingham Not sure if you're being facetious, but I actually like seeing them in the browser.

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@tingham Hibari opens twitpic links in the browser.

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Kiwi: Unread tracking. Top tabs and saved searches are nice but overflow. Real scroll bar. I like the Pure theme. Can't unfavorite.

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Hibari: Clean UI. Real scroll bar. In-window search. Saved searches in main timeline. Compose pane. No multi-accounts (yet). No real names.

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Twitterrific: Great themes. Persistent searches, favorites, and trends in sidebar. Awkward multi- accounts. Not enough keyboard shortcuts.

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Twitter: Great keyboard control. Good multi-account support. Over-the-top UI. Forces URL shortening and "smooth" scrolling. No real names.

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@natevw Does it work with __import__()?

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@luciuskwok YMMV, but I recently stopped doing that, and no one seemed to notice. Before, when I stopped for a while, I would get requests.

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@dnanian This is week 3 or 4 for me. Fingers crossed.

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Adding a trivial question to the vBulletin registration seems to have really cut down on the spam accounts, without manual moderation.

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Rejected for symbols in the PyObjC static libraries that my app never uses. And PyObjC is, of course, built into Mac OS X.

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The @FogBugz mobile site looks nice, but there's no way to collapse quoted text or reply to inquiries?

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@rentzsch Insurance until there's some OS change that breaks it…

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@dnanian Wow, that's a huge change in policy.

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