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June 23rd, 2010

@granth Thanks, but even if I drag a photo to force manual sorting in Aperture, the iPad Photos app doesn't sort in order that I chose.

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@bwebster I'm using Aperture. Everything is set to sort oldest to newest on the Mac.

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Anyone know an iPad photos app that has a Places view with Terrain or Satellite mode?

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The iPad Photos app is great, but why does it sort events in seemingly random order? And in Places view, photos are shown in reverse chrono.

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@wm_j_ray You're welcome. Turns out, my flirtation with iBooks for PDFs is over. GoodReader seems better overall.

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@wooliegeek My understanding is that Air Sharing Pro requires a computer to print. Simpler to just use the computer directly, I think. :-(

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Dad wants to know how to print from his iPad. Assumed it would just work.

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