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Aaron Swartz:

I have a confession to make. On February 21, 2003 on watched my first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (6x09). I’m not sure why I did, or why I chose then, or why I chose that episode, but I do know this: I was blown away. I spent all day thinking about it, unable to get it out of my mind, craving more. Since then, I have watched every aired episode of Buffy, spinoff Angel, and creator Joss Whedon’s other show, Firefly, from the beginning, in order. On May 20, 2003, three months later, the final episode of Buffy aired and my quest is done.

Three months is amazing. I’ve been much slower at catching up on Joss’s oeuvre, having just sent Prophecy Girl back to Netflix. There’s no way Swartz could have watched all that relying only on DVDs and re-runs so, like Greg, he used the Internet. I have also found BitTorrent useful. It has a lot of live recordings that are not available for purchase.


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