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October 29th, 2016

Inadvertent GitHub Private Repository Disclosure: #mjtsaiblog


The Beautifully Annoying Siri Remote: #mjtsaiblog


@anandabits Interesting post. Thanks. I think the context and framing of these MacBook Pros is more concerning than the actual computers.

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That fleeting happiness when Edge Cases pops up in your feed reader and you realize it’s not actually a new episode.

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@brentsimmons Thanks. I wonder whether they backdated it or there was a bug preventing it from showing up on the 26th.

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An Ode to the 11-inch MacBook Air: #mjtsaiblog


Lots of updates to the MacBook Pro post: #mjtsaiblog

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@markonen Except it doesn’t come in the iPhone box or work with your other USB chargers.

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