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July 6th, 2011

@simX For a second I was hoping I could delete all that code from my app. :-)

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@simX Standard menu item, but I think persistence is up to the app. Mail: WebSmartInsertDeleteEnabled. TextEdit: SmartCopyPaste.

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@simX Are you sure there's a common pref key? I thought it was up to apps to implement.

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@cbowns "Paste and Match Style" seems to affect formatting but not the spacing, which is what bothers me. LB's "As Plain Text" works, though

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@craigmorgan Thanks. Been using LaunchBar for many years, but I should investigate the clipboard features.

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There should be a system-wide preference to disable "smart" pasting.

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spamsieve SpamSieve 2.8.6 improves filtering accuracy, Lion support, Postbox 2.5, and more:

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@LKM That would be perfect; then I'd never need to touch that menu command.

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